Your ‘Go-To’ Scaffold Board Manufacturer: trading for over 50 years

Here at Gilray Plant, we’re proud to be a British scaffold merchant, selling high quality scaffolding equipment since 1970.

Where are Gilray Plant scaffold boards made?

All our scaffold boards are manufactured at our dedicated facility in Erith, Kent.

How are our scaffold boards made?

At Gilray Plant, we’ve been manufacturing scaffold boards since 2008. Our scaffold boards are meticulously made according to Quality Standard BS 2482:2009, and our highly trained board producers refresh their skills every 6 months.

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Are Gilray scaffold boards tested for safety?

Yes, all our scaffold boards go through a scrupulous testing process, and safety standards are very important to us here at Gilray. Using state-of-the-art machinery, all of our scaffold boards are machine-stress-graded, meaning that flaws invisible to the human eye will be detected.

Do our scaffold boards meet BSI quality standards?

All the scaffold boards manufactured at Gilray Plant are kitemarked in accordance with BS 2482:2009, and our operation is audited every six months by the BSI in order to maintain our Kitemark licence. Our team of board producers undergo extensive training by an external provider every six months and then their skills and work are audited by the BSI’s auditor.

What makes Gilray Plant stand out as a scaffold board manufacturer?

We’ve been in the business of producing high quality scaffold boards for a long time. Thanks to our history of manufacturing first-class boards, we’ve built up a loyal customer base and a respectable reputation as one of the most trusted scaffold board manufacturers in the UK.

We are members of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), ISO-accredited and we hold a BSI Kitemark licence for our scaffold board products.

Our customers choose us for our extensive scaffold board knowledge, high-quality product range and first-class customer service.

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What are Gilray Plant scaffold boards made from?

Our scaffold boards are made from high quality, slow grown European Spruce.

Are Gilray’s scaffold boards certified? 

Yes, the timber used to make our scaffold boards comes with Chain of Custody certification for both the FSC® and PEFC schemes.

What size scaffold boards do we manufacture?

We manufacture scaffold boards in three standard industry sizes. Our scaffold boards are available to buy in the following sizes:

We also supply sawn timber, half boards, and sole boards.

Can our scaffold boards be personalised?

Yes, as a scaffold board manufacturer with production facilities onsite, we can customise your scaffold boards in several ways. Scaffold boards can be banded and branded with our customers’ names and we also offer a scaff-plating service (with personalised nail plates for your scaffold boards if required).

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How much do Gilray Plant scaffold boards cost?

Our high quality scaffold boards are available for sale at very reasonable prices. The exact costs will vary depending on whether you are buying in bulk. We can also offer free delivery in many cases.

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Are our scaffold boards available to buy online?

Our scaffold board products, fittings and equipment can be viewed online, but please contact us to make a purchase. That way we can quote you the best price for the type and volume of scaffold boards you require. If needed, we’re also happy to offer advice on which products will best suit your needs. 

Do we have the scaffold boards you need in stock?

It’s very likely. As one of the UK’s leading scaffold board manufacturers, we produce and stock large quantities of boards on our 3-acre site – which means we always have a good supply of scaffold boards available for immediate delivery.

Can our scaffold boards be delivered anywhere in the UK?

It depends! Our fleet of delivery vehicles can deliver scaffold boards and scaffolding equipment throughout most of the UK, supplying you with whatever you need, when you need it. We can usually offer free delivery to locations in London and the South East, close to our manufacturing facility in Kent. We may also offer free delivery for bulk orders. Please contact us to see if your order or location qualifies for free delivery.

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What’s the difference between BS 2482:2009 scaffold boards and Grade A boards?

There’s a big difference between the two, and it’s one that we think is really important here at Gilray Plant. While Grade A boards sound impressive, they are only given a visual check, and don’t undergo stringent quality or safety tests. As Jim Coulson, Emeritus President of the Institute of Wood Science, points out, “So-called Grade A boards can be anything but ‘graded’, so why trust your safety (and even your life) to an ungraded and non-guaranteed product?”

As a reputable scaffold board manufacturer we will only ever sell you BS 2482:2009 kitemarked scaffold boards, which are thoroughly tested for quality and safety.

Below you can see the main important differences between BS 2482:2009 scaffold boards and Grade A scaffold boards: