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Still growing after 50 years: Gilray ranks 7th in new SME business index

With over 50 years in the scaffolding industry, Gilray Plant is one of the oldest wholesale scaffolding specialists in the UK. And with all that history behind us, the future is also looking bright. Recently, Gilray Plant was ranked the seventh fastest-growing small or medium-sized enterprise in Surrey, Kent and Sussex – a testament to the hard work we are putting into building the business and offering a first-class service to more scaffolding contractors than ever before.

An exciting time for the business

“We’re delighted to be listed among the top 10 fastest growing businesses in the Surrey, Kent and Sussex region,” says Managing Director Ralph Wilson, who has led the company since 1988.”

The secret to success

Having been in business for half a century, we’ve realised along the way that reliability, quality of product and excellent customer service are key to building a successful reputation. 

Alongside these important attributes, Gilray Plant offers an enormous range of specialist scaffolding products, tested (where applicable) to the relevant quality standards – for example, TS62-certified fire-retardant debris net or BSI Kitemarked scaffold boards, made from timber with Chain of Custody certification.

Moving with the times: what does the future hold?

We’ve always said that customer experience is key, and our recent growth is partly down to our willingness to explore new ways to ensure that we provide the best service possible. For example, we have recently improved customer experience on our website with the introduction of a new ‘enquiry basket’ function, making it easier for customers to enquire about the products they are interested in.

As we continue to build the business, we aspire to keep offering the same high-quality service that has helped us to build our reputation over the past 50 years, always exploring new ways to ensure the best possible experience for our growing customer base.

Want to know more about Gilray Plant? Read about our history as a company and the latest news from our Erith HQ. 

About the SKS SME 100

The SKS SME 100 is a business growth index that was compiled for the first time at the end of 2022. The index is published by The Business Magazine, an authoritative print and online regional periodical in the South East of England, and sponsored by accountants and business advisers Alliotts, law firm Herrington Carmichael and bank and wealth manager Investec.

Open to businesses in the Surrey, Kent and Sussex area with a turnover of under £20m, this prestigious listing is a reflection of the exciting range of successful businesses operating in the region.

Christmas and New Year Office Closure

Gilray Plant is now closed for the Christmas and New Year Period.

The office will be closed from Thursday 22nd December 2022 to Monday 2nd January 2023, re-opening on Tuesday 3rd January at 8.00 a.m

Have a great festive break !

Happy Christmas !

A very Merry Christmas and best wishes for a very Prosperous New Year to all of our customers and friends!

Scaffolding Safety Tips for Winter

Winter is now here and the memories of working in the sunshine of the summer months are unfortunately behind us. Gone are the days of making sure you have enough sun cream and ensuring you are fully hydrated, as we now embark on a harsher climate.

There are, at this time of year, risks within the scaffolding industry that we need to look at and take care of. Scaffolding hazards don’t vanish, they just change as our weather and environment do too.

Our focus on preventing risks and accidents needs to change also. As the days get colder, the air quality changes and there are new challenges to account for that we need to put measures in place to secure the safety of our staff and colleagues.

Here are five scaffolding safety tips that all of us in the industry can be aware of this Winter:


1) Monitor and keep an eye on the weather:

Keeping an eye on the weather may be obvious but it is hugely important.

The resulting weather of snow, ice, rain, wind and the cold can result in tougher working conditions for all staff but also can cause icy and wet surfaces, unstable scaffold structures and falling objects.

Procedures can be put into place to help, including marking icy or wet surfaces and protecting staff and the public from falling objects by using netting, barricades, shrink wrap and toe boards.

Equip your staff with the correct PPE to protect them from the colder days with fleeced jackets, warm hats and gloves, with hard hats also being worn.

Scaffolding staff should also never be expected to work in extreme or dangerous weather conditions that could result in accidents or injuries.

2) Increase your safety and health checks and procedures:

Take time to check the scaffolding complexities of working on a winter’s day.

Increase your safety inspection checks on all of your scaffolding equipment, remind your staff often about the added risk to the job in adverse conditions and look at surfaces and determine areas where you can alleviate risk by wiping down or cleaning any excess snow, ice, sleet rain or mud.

Scaffolders are working outside for extended periods of time so never take anything for granted and keep an eye on your staff and their well-being.

3) Making sure that everyone is visible

As the winter weather kicks in, the scaffolding industry staff will potentially work long periods without sufficient natural light, which can provide a multitude of risks.

Alleviating these problems is essential by making staff visible by equipping them with Hi-Vis vests.

To make any working areas more visible you can try adding spotlights or torches to these areas so that everyone can be safe and also seen.

4) Take regular breaks:

Working in the harsh winter weather can be tough on the mind and the body, so offering a few extra breaks could increase the overall productivity, effectiveness, safety and morale of the staff.

5) Extra hazard safety precautions:

Executing additional safety procedures can minimize any hazard potential on-site.

To reduce the risks, management and staff can take the following measures to help the situation:

  • Providing additional PPE and equipment, such as scaffold harnesses
  • Increasing staff health and safety training and development
  • Making sure that the footwear of the staff is suited for the winter weather conditions
  • Providing tea, coffee and hot, heavy meals that increase your body temperature

In summation, hopefully, employers and staff themselves will take a sensible approach to working in the winter weather to ensure the safety of all those within the scaffolding industry.

For any scaffolders who have suffered a mishap, The Lighthouse Club is there to provide any support or guidance that you may need.

Gilray Plant Company Announcement and Congratulations !

Gilray Plant is proud to announce that our Company Director Sarah Wilson has been elected as a Co-opted Member of the Council for the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC).

Sarah became Vice Chair of the NASC Hire, Sales & Manufacturing Committee in 2018, a position to which she has brought 20 years of industry expertise and knowledge, gained from her ongoing position at Gilray Plant.

Gilray Plant, through Sarah, has been involved with the NASC Hire, Sales & Manufacturing Committee since 2008, forming a professional and beneficial working alliance that has grown and expanded due to Sarah’s continued commitment, passion and extensive hard work to both causes.

Many congratulations Sarah ! Everyone at Gilray wishes you continued success in this role and in representing our company so admirably in the future.


Sarah at Gilray Plant

International Women’s Day!

Historically, scaffolding has been – and is still perceived to be – a male-dominated environment throughout companies in the UK.

Our colleague and Gilray Plant Limited company director Sarah Wilson, is one such professional in the scaffolding industry who has bucked the trend. She has not only played a leading role in the success and development of Gilray, but is also Vice Chair of the NASC Hire & Sale Committee.

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A Gilray Plant branded rubble sack with handles flat on the floor

1 Tonne Gilray Sacks Added To Our Product Range

Gilray are pleased to announce that we have added 1 Tonne Gilray Sacks to our extensive product range.

Our new product range has been tried, tested and certified to a safe working load of 1,000 kgs and a safety factor of 5:1.

Click here for more details

Call 01322 442006  or email  to order today or discuss delivery options.

Pallets of 13ft Scaffold Boards available at a discount in Gilray Plants Christmas Sale

13ft Board Christmas Promotional Offer !

We are pleased to announce that Gilray Plant Ltd are currently running a 13ft Scaffold Board Christmas Promotional Offer.

The promotion is underway and will end on December 22nd, with all collections or deliveries concluded by that date.

Deliveries will be subject to your enquiry, so please do contact us by phone on 01322 442006  or email for full details and to place your order.

From all of us at Gilray, we would like to wish you and your families a Happy Christmas and a very prosperous new year !


Pergola made with reclaimed scaffold boards

Things You Can Do With Reclaimed Scaffold Boards

Reclaimed scaffold boards are perfect if you fancy taking on a creative new challenge and if you are looking to build a new piece of furniture or would like to add some authentic finishing touches to your home.

Other than just being used as a working platform, scaffold boards have a number of other uses. A simple search on Pinterest demonstrates some of the creative, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective projects out there. From indoor projects including shelving and tables to outdoor projects including decking and flower beds, scaffold boards can be used in so many different ways.

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