Timber from Russia & Belarus declared ‘conflict timber’

Timber from Russia & Belarus declared ‘conflict timber’

Both the world’s leading timber-certifying schemes – PEFC and FSC – have just withdrawn certification from timber originating from Russia or Belarus. Timber from these two countries may not be used in any PEFC or FSC-certified products.

We at Gilray Plant want to reassure our customers that all the timber used in the production of our scaffold boards is sourced from EU countries and our certification remains in place.

However, the illegal and aggressive actions of Russia will have an effect on the timber industry: both large timber-producing countries, Ukraine and Russia exported a combined figure of 5.5 million cubic metres of softwood lumber to Europe in 2021.

Europe received 1.114 million cubic metres of Ukrainian softwood lumber, which was sold to twenty-five European countries, according to UKRSTAT. This figure corresponds to a year-on-year increase of 1.7% from 2020.

Russia, meanwhile, exported 4.5 million cubic metres to Europe, which is one of the main markets for Russian softwood lumber. This market itself grew the Russian export by almost 20% compared to the figures a year earlier in 2020, according to Russian Customs Authorities.

The withdrawal of PEFC and FSC certification from Russian and Belarus lumber, together with UK and EU government sanctions against those countries will inevitably impact on the supply of timber, as will the war in Ukraine. Timber prices on the back of this will almost certainly rise and the availability of wood will become harder to source for UK companies.

But we at Gilray Plant feel that this is a minor price to pay, given that brave Ukrainians are fighting for their very right to exist as a sovereign nation.

International Women’s Day !

Historically, scaffolding has been – and is still perceived to be – a male-dominated environment throughout companies in the UK.

Our colleague and Gilray Plant Limited company director Sarah Wilson, is one such professional in the scaffolding industry who has bucked the trend. She has not only played a leading role in the success and development of Gilray, but is also Vice Chair of the NASC Hire & Sale Committee.

Sarah has worked in the scaffolding industry for 24 years and has seen many changes in that time. She now heads this very well established company with fellow director Ralph Wilson and under their leadership, the company has grown steadily over the years with a reputation for great service, honesty and fairness.

On being asked what she enjoys about working in the industry, Sarah said she loves the entrepreneurial spirit of the scaffolding industry: the fact that anyone can attempt to build a business from scratch and therefore create employment and a family feel within a company. Her own experiences have mirrored this and created ties of loyalty and connection that have served both her and the business very well.

In regards to what advice she would give to other women looking to follow in her footsteps, Sarah would say to have faith in yourself and to make your own path through hard work and application.

Sarah is a role model for women looking to start a journey on a successful and rewarding career within the flourishing UK scaffolding industry, which epitomizes so much of the “can do” entrepreneurial spirit of this country.

1 Tonne Gilray Sacks Added To Our Product Range

Gilray are pleased to announce that we have added 1 Tonne Gilray Sacks to our extensive product range.

Our new product range has been tried, tested and certified to a safe working load of 1,000 kgs and a safety factor of 5:1.

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Call 01322 442006  or email sales@gilray.co.uk  to order today or discuss delivery options.

13ft Board Christmas Promotional Offer !

We are pleased to announce that Gilray Plant Ltd are currently running a 13ft Scaffold Board Christmas Promotional Offer.

The promotion is underway and will end on December 22nd, with all collections or deliveries concluded by that date.

Deliveries will be subject to your enquiry, so please do contact us by phone on 01322 442006  or email sales@gilray.co.uk for full details and to place your order.

From all of us at Gilray, we would like to wish you and your families a Happy Christmas and a very prosperous new year !


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Other than just being used as a working platform, scaffold boards have a number of other uses. A simple search on Pinterest demonstrates some of the creative, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective projects out there. From indoor projects including shelving and tables to outdoor projects including decking and flower beds, scaffold boards can be used in so many different ways.

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